My Evening Makeup Favourite’s

These three makeup products always do the job when wanting a glamorous look on a night out. I always find these three products at the top of my wish list on purchasing makeup  products.

What I like most about the Mac studio fix foundation is it doesn’t feel slippery  or oily on my face. It’s super easy to blend and covers more than a lot of foundations and concealers put together.  The thick texture makes the foundation stay on all night even if I’m dancing my heart out. I’ve found myself not wear primer a lot of the times with this foundation as it’s able to do the job without a base to stop my foundation from running.
Mac skin mineral finish is as gorgeous as it looks. This product may not be for everyone as some people prefer a matte finish, however, I love a shimmered look in my bronzes. The shade Gold deposit works better than a lot of bronzes I’ve tried and really gives a gorgeous glow to the skin. In saying that, a few of my friends have tried the same product and are more of ‘natural wearers’ and have also really liked the product. It can be used as an all over tanned glow or as I like to use it as a bronzer. Whichever suits your fancy.
Lastly my Bobbi Brown eye shadow is always my go to eye product when smoking up my eyes. The matte look to the eye shadow completes the eyes and gives the darkest effect out of any eye shadows that I have tried. It’s so smokey that I only have to put it in the corner of my eyes to get a great outcome. As they say a little comes a long way, just like this eye shadow.

If you have tried any of these products, comment below and let me know your reviews xx

Perri xxxx

My European bucket list

Only some know that in May, I will be moving across the world in hope of a new adventure. I booked my plane ticket because I wanted to spark a new joy in my lifestyle. While I have the time being young, I wanted to take this opportunity for myself to expand into a bigger world. I just felt that this was my time to leave. My friends have their own lives and my family have always encouraged me to be individual. So I am taking my chance of freedom for a while as I’m not needed so much at home anymore. From a dream to this ‘really happening’ I can finally tick off the things I have dreamed about in Europe.

So here is my list:

  1. See a concert at O2 Arena
  2. Stay in a fancy five star hotel in London and Paris
  3. Relive my Angus thongs and perfect snogging memory at Brighton Beach
  4. Have a night out in Mayfair
  5. Go to an outdoor ice skating ring in winter
  6. See Tuscany in a Fiat
  7. Visit Venice
  8. Do a wine tour in Italy
  9. Eat pizza and ice cream in Italy
  10. Eat a croissant in Paris
  11. Get a photo at Abbey road crossing (Where the Beatles iconic photo was taken)
  12. Visit the London eye
  13. Get a photo at the Eiffel tower in Paris
  14. Ride a bike around Paris
  15. Stroll in Hyde Park
  16. Visit Oxford street
  17. Take a gondola ride in Venice
  18. Meet a local boy in Rome
  19. Go to Disneyland Paris
  20. Snog a local
  21. Dance to dancing queen in Greece
  22. Lunch at the Eiffel tower
  23. Go to the Moulin rouge show
  24. Visit a five star bar over looking London
  25. Dance the night away at Funky Buddha
  26. Go to Anne Frank’s hiding spot
  27. Meet a cute British boy
  28. Go to Sky garden in London
  29. Drive a Mini around country England
  30. Go to Bleach London
  31. See a Santorini sunset
  32. Stay in an Airbnb
  33. Relax on the Greek islands

If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them x

Perri xxxx

Making an Acai bowl!

I did a  bit of research last night on Pinterest for a more variety of  healthy recipes that I could create in the kitchen.  As I was scrolling down, a post about an Acai bowl came up and wow, did it look great! I see people posting on Instagram their made versions of an Acai bowl but I had never gotten around to it. So today as I was craving a smoothie I thought I would give it a try.

I looked at other recipes to get ideas for mine. One I looked at was a raspberry flavored bowl but added peanut butter in.  I’m not sure about anyone else but I wasn’t so sure about putting peanut butter in a smoothie so I took that ingredient out.

For the base of the smoothie I used:
1 cup of cut strawberries1 cup of frozen blueberries and raspberries
1 banana
2 tablespoons of chia seeds (Chia seeds help to thicken the texture and smoothie making you feel fuller for longer!)
1/3 cup of milk (you can use any type of milk, coconut water or juice as an alternative)
2 tablespoons of greek yogurt
I blended that all together in a blender until all looked smooth. Once out I put it in a big bowl ready to decorate!

For the toppings I used:
A sprinkle of oats
1 chopped out banana
5 strawberries
and frozen blueberries and raspberries to fill in the gaps.

There you have it!
Trust me it tastes as good as it looks!


You’re importance

One thing I’ve had to deal with a lot in the last two years is not being someone else’s priority. I would consider ‘these people’ to be my close friends, but if you reverse that the other way I wasn’t an importance to that person’s life.
It is disappointing especially when you go out of your own way to make an effort to see these ‘so called people’ that were once ‘my friends’. These toxic friendships can make you feel down about yourself when you don’t have to be pulled down.
So I’d stop messaging to see if ‘my friends’ would contact me first. Suddenly from weeks became months of not hearing from the person which is sad.

I take these experiences as a positive as they teach me that I’m strong enough to walk away and that I’m worth more and worth having friends that will treat me right.  The best advice I could give you is to walk away. If you’re unsure of how somebody is treating you think of, would I do that to a person? If your answer is no I wouldn’t, because I think that is unfair or really nasty then just walk your walk. Sometimes other people need to learn their consequences for their actions of how they treat a person. The best way for someone to learn is the realization that your gone and that isn’t how they should be treating someone.

It’s not fair if you let somebody walk all over you. All your allowing them to do is to put you down and to cause unnecessary stress in your life. Walk away with a positive knowing these people have taught you something. That they have shown you something right or wrong. Keep on going until you find your light at the end of your tunnel.  Great new people are ahead to meet.

Perri xx

The idea of love

Perri chats x

There’s a difference between the idea of love and being in love.  I’ve seen and known so many people who have gotten the idea confused. This is a controversial topic because everyone will voice their opinions in different ways. Not one person will have the same views. So what is the difference in my mind?

People will come and go, in and out of different relationships. We will experience seeing our friends and family members be single at different points of time. It’s just how life goes.. a boy and a girl meet, or a boy and a boy meet, or a girl and a girl  meet and they fancy each other and want to take a step further. Sometimes these couples will work out, other times along the way people learn that the person they met at the start no longer gels well with them. Causing breaks and fights where two people will learn that maybe it’s best to go their own separate ways.

I think what people get confused with is after a break up is people miss having another presence around and crave that affection. The idea of being ‘single’ ‘solo’ can be mistaken as ‘lonely’ and because of that people fear the idea of being single.

I’ve seen so many people get out of relationships, a lot from long term relationships and two weeks later be with somebody else because they cannot stand the idea of being alone and having some time to themselves. I’m not too sure why people have a phobia of having time to themselves as it allows for an individual to learn coping skills, and how to do things themselves. I don’t think rushing into another person to crave them is coping in a well way.

The part that has always annoyed me is that they get so attached to this person, they want to be seen as a really cute strong relationship.. moving in together, rushing off on holidays together etc. That they never make time for their friends anymore. There’s an uneven balance between seeing friends, being with family and seeing your partner. All the energy is going into being with your partner every day.

I understand people can fall really quickly and want to be with someone as much as possible because they enjoy being with that person. I think that is great. If two people are happy then wonderful. It’s shit when people loose balance and then suddenly ,friends you would see often become someone you never really see.

I know for me, some friendships I stopped bothering to message or text because every time I invited a girl friend out, they wouldn’t bother coming. What happens though if you break up with that person and some of you’re friends have moved on?
Your not going to have anyone there and that’s a harsh reality of it.

What do you guys all think?

I would love to know in the comments below.

(I do not intend to offend anyone in anyway, I understand people may think differently to me but this is just how I feel)

Lots of love, Perri xxx


Unmotivated feelings

In the last week or so I feel like I’ve dropped off from the blogging world completely. Some of my followers may have noticed no new content. Which is the total opposite attitude I want to have especially as my blog is newly created. In the last week I have found it difficult to find personal time to put together new posts as a lot of my energy has gone into my everyday work. At the moment I’m feeling quite tired and a lot of my stress goes into my lower back which also makes me feel more exhausted than usual.
I’m sure a lot of other people would agree that waking up and feeling like the walking dead is the worst. That there needs to be a change in actions and attitudes to get back up to perform your best potential.

If you’re personality is like mine you might find it hard to accept that you are over pushing yourself and really need to focus on yourself.

If you have a morning off it’s really nice to lay in bed and ease yourself into the day. Perhaps making yourself a cup of tea and returning to bed in your pyjama’s instead of rushing up.

Go and book a massage for yourself. I know that it’s something we all go. ‘it costs money though’ and sometimes it can cost a lot to get a treatment but it can make all the change in the world. I’m awful and have so many knots in my back which makes me so tense all the time and then when the stress in my lower back forms it can be really painful. Don’t make it an everyday thing but please do spoil yourself to these things as every time I walk out I feel so refreshed.

Stop trying to give up your personal time to suit others all the time. I’m one of those people if someone wants to see me I work backwards to make it up to them as I feel bad. Even if I’ve come straight from work and over tired. I sometimes wonder why I’m like this as I know other people in my situation would put themselves first and give themselves a home day to recover. So I should be doing the same. People will be more than happy to rearrange if they are good friends and family who understand.

The opposite to that, sometimes it’s nice to catch up for dinner/lunch or coffee with a good friend or family member and have a laugh. Being surrounded by positive energy can put you in a really happy mood. I’d only suggest doing this after taking a home day for yourself.

Create a relaxing energy within your house. Use chilled out relaxing and meditation type of music.  If you have no idea what to listen to I know Spotify has created playlists that you can browse through. Light candles up and spray the house with a lovely scent. Move away and into your own area to sit back and relax.

Lastly, try not to stuff up your sleep pattern or stay up too late which can be a major downfall in your recovery.

I hope some of these tips helped as they definitely work for me.

Would love to know if anyone tries some of these suggestions or has any suggestions to give me to try.

Had fun chatting & I have planned a few new posts that should be uploaded later on in the week.

Love Perri xx


500 Followers & Giveaway!

Hey Beauties!

I hope everyone has been having an amazing Valentines day! I received a card from my boyfriend that simply stated ‘have a great day’, i’m not joking! Either way, it must of been a sign of what was to come as I reached a crazy 500 followers today! A great day indeed. It was like the perfect way to start my day, I am so incredibly amazed that even though I have been a beyond terrible blogger these days due to my new job, that I have reached another incredible milestone. So thank you to everyone for your support and I am so beyond happy right now. I won’t bore you with my rambling, as we could be here a hell of a long time. So instead of talking about my appreciation, I have decided to show you instead.

Did someone say give away?! 

That’s right my friends…

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V day/Date night look

Products used:

Foundation: Nars Sheer Glow
Powder: Maybelline Fit Me
Contour: Natio Contour Kit

Lips: MAC Pink Noveau

Eyes and brows:
Brows: Chanel eyebrow pencil
Eyeshadow: Chi Chi palette
Eye Liner: Maybelline


Natio Contour palette review


I brought this palette yesterday after going Priceline (In Australia Priceline is a chemist with drugstore makeup) looking for a new bronzer.  I already had my eye on buying a Natio bronzer but the one I was hoping to buy was all sold out.
I noticed that Natio now does a contour palette and with good experiences of other Natio products I thought I would try out the contour palette as it included a bronzer which was what I really needed.

I thought the sleek packaging was really cute and it included a really soft brush which is definitely a bonus in my books.

I decided if I was going to try the product out I’d try it the right way and follow the given face chart of where to put each shade.


To be honest I thought it was weird how the chart didn’t include darker contouring on the sides of the nose and around the top half of the face. In the end I proceeded and added colour to those areas anyway as it looked odd to me. I have to remember though Natio is a more natural looking brand which is probably why they left it out of the chart.

If I’m being completely honest I usually go for more shimmery bronzer’s but I was left surprised that I actually liked the outcome of the colour. It gave me a really nice healthy glow but not to harsh in dark shades or way to glittery. It went on my skin so easily and was so easy to blend.

The shimmer was absolutely gorgeous it went straight on my skin and gave my a healthy glow but still on a natural look. When I was putting it on my cheekbones and the apples of my cheeks it was so beautiful I didn’t even want to put blush on!

Overall I’m happy to say I like this product and would wear it again, especially on a daily basis. I do not regret this buy and think it’s much more natural looking and less harsh then the Australis contour palette. I think I’ve found my new drugstore contour kit for only $25.00 AUD and for me it’s worth it. And I’m not a natural wearer I like to feel covered and this still made me feel great at the end. to check it out visit the website.